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Justin Dumitrescu

Justin Dumitrescu

Justin has spent his career advising, investing, operating, and most recently, starting businesses of all sorts. He began his career as an investment banker with Scotia Capital after which he spent five years as a professional private equity investor with Penfund in Toronto. Justin left Penfund to launch his own private equity platform FI Partners. Over a seven year period with FI Partners, Justin successfully purchased, operated, and sold two consumer-based businesses, including Caryl Baker Visage (“CBV”). At CBV, he led the revival and modernization of a 50 year old Canadian beauty retail brand.

In 2019, Justin partnered with a good friend and beverage industry veteran to launch an alcohol beverage platform focused on disruptive start-up brands. Starting with canned wine, they launched stel+mar premium wine in Fall 2019. stel+mar sources wine from around the world and packages it in specialized aluminum cans for ultimate freshness and portability. stel+mar also has plans to enter the fast growing segment of premium boxed wine. Their second brand, Ali & James, a low alcohol sessionable sparkling wine in a can, capitalizes on the explosive growth in lower alcohol beverage as well as the trend away from beer. The team has also partnered with and helped launch the new ready-to-drink ("RTD") brand Good Sunday, a line of premium gin sodas, using only the best ingredients, to create a perfectly balanced, low sugar beverage.

Justin lives in Toronto with his wife and two kids (Marcus and Alexandra). In his spare time, Justin is an avid gardener and wine enthusiast.